Shergroup returns to the classroom in India

Shergroup returns to the classroom in India

Shergroup returns to the classroom in India

Shergroup’s first birthday of outreach community support work with young pupils at an Indian school has been given a national pat on the back through exposure on a private Indian news channel.

Shergroup, the UK’s largest High Court Enforcement Agency, is one of just a handful of UK companies which is committed to developing close links with primary schools including many children from challenging backgrounds in India.

As Shergroup goes from strength to strength as a leading brand for outsourced services to the credit industry through its India operation, so does the Shergroup partnership with the 700 – pupil Adarsh Prathmike Vidyala primary school in Noida.

Shergroup’s Chief Executive Claire Sandbrook has forged a personal relationship with the school and the valuable financial support which Shergroup gives has now attracted the attention of a local Indian TV channel in Hindi, Pehli Khabar – First News – which has broadcast Shergroup’s latest visit on Indian television.

Among the range of provisions which Claire and Shergroup has given to the school are notebooks, stationary, chairs and a table for the headmistress’s office, a water tank for making safe and hygienic drinking water available for the children – and chocolates and drinks for each child.

A film crew follow Claire on her recent visit to the school where she was welcomed by headmistress Mrs Usha Bhalla.

Shergroup’s India operation includes 41 specialist, highly-qualified staff who together make up one of the leading providers of outsourced business services, specialising in enforcement, security, legal and IT solutions.

Such services include administrative support, communications such as writing letters and emails, debt recovery, website design, data collation and transcription services. Modern data links and technologies mean the processes can be carried out quickly, whatever the time difference.

Ravi Bhalla, Shergroup’s Offshore Operations manage and head of the India operation said: “Shergroup’s work with the school is another example of how seriously the company takes its social and corporate responsibilities and its commitment to local communities.”

“The links between Shergroup and the school provide mutual benefits which can be send every day in the community life of the primary school,” said Mr Bhalla

Mr Bhalla says: “We pride ourselves on our consistent ‘Can Do’ attitude for all of our clients and on the outstanding quality of our service. We have extended this to the school so whether it is in terms of enforcement or in terms of our support for the local community, Shergroup leads the way.”

Shergroup’s Chief Executive Officer, Claire Sandbrook, says: “The team in India was set up in 2007 and we are very proud of the way it has gone from strength to strength and is consistently building up important social and cultural links with the wider community- especially with the Noida primary school which is close to all our hears.”

“Shergroup’s India operation is a vital part of our business and as a results-driven team they are playing a major role in the development of the company across the globe.”