Shergroup Chief Executive’s appointment to top organisation

Shergroup Chief Executive’s appointment to top organisation

Shergroup Chief Executive’s appointment to top organisation

Claire Sandbrook, Chief Executive of Shergroup Limited, has been appointed to the Chair of the High Court Enforcement Officers’ Association.

Mrs Sandbrook, who has long been an advocate of raising standards in the industry, has been a member of the Association since its inception in 2004.

She was one of the architects behind the reforms to the old Sheriff system in the period leading up to The Courts Act 2003, which removed “Sheriffs” from responsibility for High Court enforcement and passed it to Authorised High Court Enforcement Officers. She was voted into the top job made vacant by the out-going John Marston.

She said: “Becoming Chair of the HCEOA means a tremendous amount and gives me an opportunity to shape High Court enforcement by leading a team of professional men and woman with long careers in this area of the enforcement industry.”

“As High Court Enforcement Officers, appointed through the Lord Chancellor, we believe we offer the best in professional standards and service of all the different types of enforcement officer.”

“I want to see all HCEO businesses achieve industry recognition for the work they carry out across England and Wales. I believe we can do that with leadership and guidance from the Board of the Association.”

She added: “We have the opportunity to create a climate in which enforcement officers have recognised qualifications at entry level and create specialist qualifications for experienced officers.”

Claire is joined by the appointment of a new Vice Chair, Martin Leyshon, of High Court Enforcement Limited, and a new Treasurer, Alan Smith, also of Shergroup.

HCEOA Board Members have also been appointed to a number of Working Parties, which intend to report back to the Board and to Government on how HCEOs can assist in the implementation of the new Tribunals Courts and Enforcement Act 2007. The Board will also be re-launching its current website in a few weeks.

For more information on how HCEOs can benefit your organisation please contact the Association Secretary, Pauline Hayward, on 01606 598000.