Reaching out to Asian communities

Reaching out to Asian communities

Reaching out to Asian communities

Sherforce is now able to offer Asian-language services to discuss the payment of judgments sent to the High Court for enforcement.

Using the skills of the Indian Debtor Services Team, Sherforce can offer translation services to its enforcement officers working in Asian communities in England and Wales.

Previously, language barriers meant there were difficulties in talking to those communities. Now, using the language skills of Indian colleagues, Sherforce offers Asian debtors the ability to discuss their predicament in Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati and Urdu.

Chief Executive Claire Sandbrook said she was pleased that Sherforce was able to reach out to Asian communities to discuss the payment of the court judgment and encourage payment.

“She said: “Having visited an Asian family only recently where the judgment debtor was the husband, only the wife and children were at home. “But the fact that the Debtor Services Team could speak to the family in their own language meant that communication was meaningful and the family could be made aware of the seriousness of their situation.””

“Claire added: “Leaving a very worried wife at home with a small child following the visit of a Sherforce enforcement officer was not what I wanted to see, but using the phone number on file, we were able, through our Indian team, to talk to the wife, and encourage the husband to contact Sherforce.

“This is a far better result for all involved, and means we can help another section of the community to understand the enforcement process.””

Sherforce Debtor Services Team, established in 2003, moved to New Delhi in the summer of 2006 and has successfully collected over £2 million of debt since the transfer offshore.