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10 Reasons Why a Brand Should Use Facebook Live!

Live video is one of the fastest-growing segments of video marketing. Live video, often known as live streaming, entails displaying real-time videos on a number of themes such as celebrity events, concerts, scheduled promotions, and user-to-user streaming. Live video is quickly becoming one of the most authentic methods to engage and interact with viewers. In fact, 80 percent of consumers would prefer to watch a brand’s live video than read a blog. Furthermore, 82 percent prefer live video from a brand to social updates.

Companies should explore exploiting live videos as videos continue to give fantastic marketing options for businesses, particularly online retailers.

It’s easy to see why live streaming is popular. It is live and dynamic, and anything may happen. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are taking advantage of social media trends such as Facebook Live to promote their brands, as they should!

So, what exactly does going live on Facebook imply? Technically, it means that by tapping “Live” on the app, you’ll instantly broadcast to your followers and interact with them in real-time as they leave comments, questions, and reactions. It’s a daring strategy for garnering more exposure.

The Importance of Facebook Live Video

Live video has demonstrated its worth to both businesses and individuals. However, with so many platforms available, deciding where to go live can be difficult. Of all social media networks, Facebook has the most active users. Its viewers spend up to three times as much time watching a Facebook Live video as they do a recorded video. Since its inception in 2016, the daily watch time of Facebook Live broadcasts has climbed 400%.

Changes to Facebook’s algorithm in 2018 were a major driver of this engagement. On users’ news feeds, the upgraded algorithm promotes Facebook live videos over conventional videos. Another incentive to think about using Facebook Live for your business.

Benefits of Going Live on Facebook

  1. Increase brand awareness

There is no need for advertising, announcements, or a history of live streams. A live video stream can be started by anyone. Q&A sessions, news sharing, a sneak preview of a new product launch, and behind-the-scenes at a live event are all popular sorts of live streaming. The rapid input you receive from viewers can act as a terrific PR, marketing, and communications tool for a brand’s plan.

  1. More brand engagement

People are more likely to discover and share your video if you live stream for an extended period of time. Yes, the reach is greater than you believe. You can stay online for up to four hours. It’s a chance to personalise your brand and increase engagement with your customers and social followers.

  1. Cost savings

The advantage of live streaming is that it is absolutely free. Lighting, a tripod, or a microphone and cable are inexpensive options for startups, home-based entrepreneurs, and larger enterprises seeking straightforward brand exposure. Alternatively, individuals can spend no money by utilising natural lighting and a free helping hand to hold the mobile device camera!

  1. Cuts down time

You don’t have to spend time recording a video, editing it, posting it, and everything else that goes into creating content. You may provide your viewers with more authentic real-time video material than a pre-recorded video.

  1. It sticks around

Your Live video, like everything else on your Facebook page, can sit there indefinitely and still receive views. Marketers are seizing this chance to repurpose their videos for online marketing campaigns, mailing lists, and other social media channels to increase engagement.

  1. Create a Better Relationship with an Audience

Facebook Live Videos allow for a more personal interaction with an audience. Customers can interact with your business in real-time. This fosters a higher level of trust and loyalty.

Whereas product or service films provide an organised and detailed representation of your company, Facebook Live Videos are spontaneous and unscripted. They should not have the impression of being scripted or pre-programmed. It should be a human-to-human interaction where individuals can interact with your brand and feel more connected. Creating a personal connection, fostering loyalty, and ensuring retention.

  1. Reach More People

Facebook now has over 1.7 billion monthly active users (with a ‘b’). Facebook reached 8 billion video views per day in November 2015.

Facebook Live Streaming Videos can reach a wider audience, resulting in increased online visibility and branding. Your company may get more views than a normal post update because of the immediate interaction, feedback, and the fact that it is a viewable video.

  1. Encourages Traffic

Driving visitors to your business page is a significant benefit of Facebook Live videos. Users who loved your content are more likely to return for more because live videos stimulate engagement and allow for product advertising. Businesses may attract visitors back to their Facebook page or website by using Facebook Live videos, which allow for unique content, real-time engagement, and frequent updates. A continual supply of movies keeps consumers coming back for more.

  1. Mobile live streaming

Originally, live streaming could only be done on a computer, but as the globe shifted toward mobile, so did live stream. One of the most important advantages of Facebook live is mobile live broadcasting. While YouTube demands a minimum number of subscribers and other platforms remain mostly for desktop users, Facebook lets any user with a mobile device stream.

The ability to live broadcast on the fly is a huge benefit. It allows you to create current material and, most of all, it allows you to create high-quality videos on a low budget using mobile live streaming equipment.

  1. Video is More Desirable

Viewers remember video content better than other types of content because it is more visually appealing and easier to assimilate. Every day, 500 million Facebook users watch videos on the network.

Facebook Live Videos are also three times as long as standard videos. Engagement with an update is one of the most important metrics that Facebook analyses to decide what is relevant and important to its users.

Downsides of Facebook Live

It’s important to remember that each live streaming platform has its advantages, but none of them is perfect. A few downsides of Facebook live are:

  1. Technical issues

Expect technological issues that can cause lagging, grainy visuals, warped sounds, or slowness for those who are tuned in. Unfortunately, losing viewers due to intrusive difficulties is a Facebook failure.

  1. Anything can happen

It might work in your favour or against you. Going live can sometimes entail encountering difficulties while filming. You never know what might happen! Fumbling with your words, stumbling over, inadvertently dropping your phone, and so on. Simply pause and take a breath. When you’re through, you can always delete the proof from your Facebook page.

There is also the possibility of suffering low engagement from people tuning in live to view your live stream. This makes it tough to connect with your audience or provide a fantastic video experience. We recommend pre-planning your Live video material and keeping it brief in case this occurs.

  1. Censorship

All Facebook users have access to Facebook Live (over 1 billion in standing). Nonetheless, Apple has been under pressure to strengthen its Live filtering standards after many streams of horrific shootings in the United States went viral. In their reply, “The standards for live video are the same as they are for all of our other material. If there is a violation of our Community Standards, a reviewer may interrupt a live stream.” Facebook also announced that videos portraying violence will be removed if the victim is celebrated, glorified, or mocked.

  1. Controversy

However, not the good kind. When working in a competitive industry, secrecy and behaviour are critical to a brand’s image and strategy. Such was the case with NFL Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown, who violated the league’s social media policy by using Facebook Live to rejoice with supporters in real-time following the team’s AFC playoff victory. Within a few hours, the video had nearly 900,000 views.

  1. Accessibility

It’s difficult for entrepreneurs to fit in a meeting, let alone a live video for everyone to see all at once. Those who wish to increase engagement on Facebook Live face the challenge of capturing people at the perfect time, especially if your reach is global. As a result, some brands resort to having many live broadcasts throughout the day.

  1. No live video tools

It’s critical to keep viewers engaged during a live video, and Facebook lacks some tools to help you do so. To deliver professional live streaming videos, you must create visual engagement, which can be accomplished through the use of tools such as picture-in-picture windows, various video sources, effects, and so on.


In a world where customers desire stronger, more human ties with their favourite businesses, it’s difficult to argue with the potential of live streaming. Since its debut in 2016, Facebook Live’s daily watch time has increased by more than 400%. The benefits of Facebook live far surpass its downsides. Whether you are trying to grow your business or personal brand, going live on Facebook might be exactly what you need. It’s a cost-effective strategy that can help you increase your online reach and exposure while connecting with your audience.

Ready to go live but not sure how?

Shergroup can help you build that social touch, so you can increase your brand’s visibility and revenue. Our marketing team can design content and help you with smart and engaging topics for you to go Live. We can also help you share your content on Facebook Business Groups and get you more reach.

If you like the idea, then contact our business solutions advisors today for more information.

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