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Since 1995, we have been adding value to our function as High Court Enforcement professionals by helping our client community collect outstanding B2B debts through our Cashflow Solutions. It was a natural diversification of our business, and we offer a NO COLLECT NO FEE service, with a standard 30-day cycle and a FREE Letter Before Action. Our process has grown into three tiers: Collection, Legal, and Enforcement, making us a ONE STOP SHOP for the entire recovery process.

Our process has grown into one which follows the same 3 tiers of function of our Cashflow Solution.  These tiers are |

  • Collection
  • Legal
  • Enforcement

In the first tier – Collections – we offer a NO COLLECT NO FEE service to help people feel comfortable in outsourcing their debts and claims to us.  We don’t want our clients worrying about the cost of doing this.  Our commission starts at 15% + VAT.  We encourage clients to review their terms and conditions, so our fees are recoverable from their customer wherever possible.

The Collections process has a standard cycle of 30 days and the last step in that cycle is to send a FREE Letter Before Action (“LBA”) to warn our client’s customer that legal proceedings will be taken if they do not pay or put forward an acceptable offer.  

If the Letter Before Action doesn’t prompt payment we move to the Legal tier of our process. 

Our sister company, Sherwins Limited trading as Shergroup Legal, carries out this part of the process.  We charge fixed court fees and the court fee to issue as a simple way to move through this part of the recovery process.  Today we can help a business manage its Accounts Receivables function, from start-ups to multimillion businesses.  

The end result of the legal process will be a judgment in our client’s favour.  

Enforcement if the final tier of our process and its where it all started in Shergroup.  Writs of Control issued by the High Court give us the authority to enforce payment from people named on the Writ.

Judgments over £600 in value (made up of the debt, interest, costs, and late payment interest), are transferred to Shergroup Enforcement for a High Court Writ of Control to be issued.  An additional fee of £161 is charged to cover the management and court fee for this process.

This uniqueness in our 3 tier process, makes up the cliché of a ONE STOP SHOP.  Only a few companies can enforce payment.  Only a very few do the entire process from start to finish in a professional and client-friendly way.

This is the Shergroup way, and we love to look after you, your debts, your claims, and your judgments.