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Single, Dual and Multi-Purpose Units

Shergroup offers Single, Dual and Multi-Purpose Canine teams to enhance your security approach. Single-Purpose Canines are trained in obedience, agility and detection of either explosives or narcotics substances. Dual-Purpose Canines are trained in two areas: detection of either narcotics or explosives, as well as tracking/trailing. Multi-Purpose Canines are also trained in Tracking and Trailing, Obedience, Apprehension, Article/Evidence Search, Building/Area Search, and Agility.

Event Security Canine Teams

Event Security Canine teams can scan up to 150 people per minute to locate narcotics, weapons or explosives. A seemingly imperceptible target odor response and on-leash control allow our teams to effectively search crowded events, transportation hubs (airports, subways, train and bus stations) and city streets.Canines are trained follow the source of an identified target odor wherever it goes, giving our teams the time they need to analyze, apprehend and interrogate the threat.

Shergroup Canine Services

School Security Canine Teams

School Security Canine teams help protect school districts against weapons, illegal drugs and explosives, and are able to search every person who enters the designated “school zone” – including every vehicle in the parking lot- without disrupting the school day.  Our canine teams focus on school safety and security so your students can focus on their education.

To discuss your requirements or learn more about the extensive range of security solutions we offer you, call us at 407-545-7337.

Our global experience bolsters your security approach with internationally- accepted best practices and exceptional performance standards.


At Shergroup we believe in getting to know you, understanding your business and finding the best solutions for your needs. Below is an outline of the services available to you. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just Ask.

  • School Security

  • Event Security

  • Subway Patrols

  • Train/Bus Station Patrols

  • Business/Entertainment Districts

  • Athletic/Cultural Events

  • Entry Control Checks Points

  • Package/Baggage Checks

  • Vehicle Sweeps

  • Building Sweeps

  • Airport Sweeps

  • Ship/Aircraft Sweeps

  • Cargo Sweeps

  • Responding to Known Threats

  • Mail Sweeps

Do you wake up every morning hoping your children stay safe at at school?

‘HOPE’ is NOT a viable strategy for keeping your children safe at school!

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